Gas Heating Systems

Need a central heating system installation in Dublin? Get in contact with the Dublin central heating experts at CJ Sherlock Heating and Plumbing Ltd.

We provides full central heating system installations in Dublin.
Our Dublin central heating system installation experts specialise in installing gas heating systems.
From the boiler to the internal pipe network, to the radiators, our professional, experienced and highly reliable team install every aspect of a central heating system.
Our central heating systems are built from the very latest materials ensuring their reliability and their efficiency. All our central heating systems are under a full 12-month guarantee.

For the best in professional gas central heating installation in Dublin. Get in contact with CJ Sherlock Heating and Plumbing Ltd today


Our Dublin central heating system installation specialists source all necessary materials for an efficient and long-lasting central heating system.
We specialise in installing quality Ideal gas boilers.
Ideal gas boilers form the centrepiece of a central heating system and their innovative and modern design ensure the very best central heating system performance possible.
Our team of Dublin central heating system experts are also available for:

Our team of Dublin central heating system experts are also available for:

  • Gas Central Heating System Refurbishments, Repairs, Replacement & Maintenance

Why choose CJ Sherlock Heating & Plumbing for Gas service?

We have extensive knowledge of servicing boilers and all other gas appliances and systems. We are a fully RGI registered gas installer and once our engineer has completed their service on either your gas boiler or all your gas appliances, they will provide you with a full report detailing all the work that has been carried out in line with the most current standards for gas safety. Speak to one of our team today for more information and a no-obligation, completely free quote.

Simply put, if you want to protect your home and your gas appliances and boiler from breakdown and the potential risks of faulty gas equipment, fluework and other important components, speak to one of our team today.

First and foremost, there is nothing that is more important than ensuring that you, your family, and anyone visiting you is safe. Gas boilers and gas appliances that have faults or that are not working properly can lead to serious, and very dangerous, problems like water leaks, gas leaks and even fires.

Even if your gas boiler and gas appliances appear to be working properly without any noticeable faults, there could be unseen problems you don’t know about. These unseen problems could be affecting how efficiently your gas appliances and boiler are working, meaning you are spending more money than necessary on your energy bills.

 For a free, no-obligation quote on our dublin central heating system installations, get in contact with CJ Sherlock Heating and Plumbing Ltd today. All our installation come as-standard with a 12 Month Guarantee.

Gas Boiler Replacements

Need a Dublin gas boiler replacement in your home or business? Request a free no-obligation Dublin gas boiler replacement quote from the gas boiler specialists at CJ Sherlock Heating and Plumbing Ltd.

CJ Sherlock Heating and Plumbing Ltd provides clients with the very highest standard of Dublin boiler replacement. Our team of specialist Dublin gas plumbers have over 2 decades of gas boiler installation experience.

We offer a free no-obligation quote on all our Dublin gas boiler replacements.
Modern gas boilers offer superior performance while using significantly less gas. This leads to warmer, cosier homes and smaller energy bills.

CJ Sherlock Heating and Plumbing Ltd specialise in the installation of Ideal gas boilers. Ideal gas boilers remain the market leader in innovative, efficiency and ease of use.

The modern temperature control systems of Ideal boilers are fully backward compatibility with central heating systems, which make heating your Dublin home or business easier than ever before.

How much can I save by getting a Gas Boiler replacement?

Save up to 20% operational Improvement in efficiency. That means more than 25% in fuel savings. Combine it with zoned controls and your savings can increase to over 35%.

In other words, you can cut your fuel bills by a third by replacing an older, low efficiency gas boiler with a high efficiency gas boiler and zoned controls.

We specialise in all aspects of boiler repair/boiler replacement and heating works including gas boiler service, gas boiler installations and gas boiler repairs in Dublin and Bray. We hold a large supply of gas boiler parts and oil boiler parts in stock for all makes of boilers for your gas boiler service to run efficiently.

Zoned Central Heating

If your home was built before 2006 you may be eligible for a grant to install zoned central heating with heating controls. Working in line with home heating controls this could save you up to 20% on your home energy bills.

What is Zoned Central Heating?

Zoned central heating means that your home heating system is split into separate independent zones. This is much more energy efficient. You can the use smart controls to send heat to each zone separately. This will ensure that you don’t use any excess energy and you can save money on your home heating bills.

A smart heating system is designed to give you full control over your energy usage. Right now when you heat your radiators you may also be heating your water tank even though you don’t need hot water. This wastage could mean you are using up to thee times as much energy as you need to heat your home. It’s bad for the environment and bad for your bank account.

A typical Home Zoning set-up might include:

  • Zone 1 – Upstairs Heating

  • Zone 2 – Downstairs Heating

  • Zone 3 – Hot Water

Why Do i Need Replacement Radiators ?

In most cases your central heating system will incorporate a number of radiators, and there are several good reasons you might need replacement radiators.

As radiators age, they become inefficient and may begin to develop leaks. This reduces the amount that they are able to heat up and increases the amount of energy needed to heat your home. In short, old inefficient radiators cost you more to run every day that passes.

If you are considering having a new gas central heating boiler installed, it may be time to also consider replacing your radiators. Even with a new and efficient boiler it will be more cost-effective to run it with replacement radiators. Upgrading your heating system piece by piece is possible, but it will cause less disruption and be much simpler if you take the plunge and tackle it all at once.

Another option for replacing your radiators in Dublin is the growing popularity of feature radiators. Standard panel radiators are available in different designs but are generally just what the name implies – flat panels.

They can be bulky and unattractive, occupying space in your room that could be better used.

Is there a grant available for a boiler upgrade?

Currently there is no grant specifically available for a boiler upgrade. However, if your home was built before 2006, SEAI are offering grants of up to €700 for upgrading your heating controls. This is something we always recommend to our customers as it can help you save a further 20%* on your energy bill. Using a method called zoned heating you can gain full control of your system and stop wasting heat that YOU own.

Combination Boiler Installation Price

A combination boiler provides both heating and hot water, Combination boilers heat the hot water instantly when their is a demand (Similar to an electric shower). With a combination boiler there is no cylinder required, combination boilers are ideal for apartments or homes with 1 bathroom.

For combination boilers we have created two estimate charts

1) for the direct replacement of a combination boiler with a new high efficient model

2) for the replacement of a regular boiler with a combination boiler.

There may be additional boiler installation costs. See below for example


The location of your existing gas boiler may impact the costings, this is particularly true if you current gas boiler is located on an internal wall of floor with no direct access to the outside for flue termination. If you current boiler is located in the attic space the flue ( boiler exhaust) may be terminating at roof level. This will increase installation costs.

Gas Pipe Size

The current gas pipe may be undersized and may need upgrading

Condesate Disposal

Your new gas boiler will require a nearby drain for the safe disposal of the condensate by product. If a drain pipe is not accessible you may need a purpose provided soakaway installed or condensate pump.

Electrical Controls

If you require new heating controls, these additional measures will increase the installation costs

 For a free quote on a Dublin boiler replacement, get in contact with the gas boiler specialists at CJ Sherlock Heating and Plumbing Ltd today.
All installations are guaranteed for 12-months


CJ Sherlock Heating and Plumbing Ltd remains a trusted and popular Dublin gas boiler installation company.

We work with both domestic clients and commercial clients and always offer the very highest standard of Dublin gas boiler installation.

Our efficient, gas boiler installation techniques mean we offer extremely competitive quotes on all installations.

All our fully customised, no-obligation Dublin gas boiler installation quotes are extremely competitive and the quality of our gas boiler installations -- and our gas boiler after-care packages -- have made us the gas plumber of choice for hundreds of Dublin homes and businesses.

For free, no-obligation gas boiler installation quote, get in contact with CJ Sherlock Heating and Plumbing Ltd ltd today.

Heating Systems FAQ


    A central heating system that includes the boiler and about eight radiators will take from 2 – 3 days to install within a property. Our Dublin central heating team will give you an expected install time before the installation procedure begins.


    General speaking, it is recommended that you replace your gas boiler every 15 years. But you may need to replace the gas boiler more often if the boiler is no longer fit to serve the needs of a growing family or if the boiler requires excessive repairs.


    Yes, modern boilers are more efficient for a variety of reasons but mainly because all new gas boilers are condensing boilers. Condensing boilers have a much larger heat exchanger allowing the boiler to recover more heat, and send much cooler gases up the boiler's flue.
    Modern gas boilers provide a direct monetary advantage to homeowners as they use much less energy and are therefore much cheaper to run.

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